Login Dialog to support drag and drop

Best practise security requires that ftp passwords are not stored in the ftp client to remove the vulnerability of local viruses.

The risk to a web developer of having all their websites hacked because their ftp client has been compromised, is not worth taking.

I have taken the step to remove all usernames and passwords stored in the SmartFTP client and will enter them from my password application as and when required using the SmartFTP Login Dialog, enabled in the Favourite Properties.

These are complex username/password combinations, which need to be drag & dropped for speed, especially for a web developer using ftp on numerous sites all the the time.


My password app allows drag and drop, however the SmartFTP Login Dialog does not. You can only Paste into the username and password fields of the Login Dialog. This may seem a minor problem, but to re-iterate, when needing to do this many many times a day, it becomes a pain.


This seems to be a rather non-standard behavior of an input box and in a quick test I have not found one control in Windows with such a behavior.

If you don't want to enter username/passwords I recommend that you use a client side certificate that is stored in the certificate store. This way you don't have to enter anything and it's even safer than your workaround.