Mirror control of directories

It has always bugged me with FTP sites that when you're working on big sites you have to manually move around in the directories on both sides, also its hard to keep both sides up to date (except through dreamweaver and such).

I suggest 2 enhancements, the first one being the most important one.

1. When you make a new site login in SmartFTP, you have the option to "mirror", this ungreys a box where you can select a local drive directory, these two will now be mirrored, so whenever you navigate one, it navigates in the other too.

So for example:

I have mirrored www.acme.com with C:\my sites\acme\

First it starts out:


C:\my sites\acme\

I click the "content" directory of either of the two places and the other side will follow suite,

So with one click we got


C:\my sites\acme\content\

This will make it so much easier to work on sites locally and remote...if the directory doesn't exist either place, it just says its not there and do you want to syncronize it from the other browser window.

This will make it tons easier to work on sites, since you don't have to click around on both windows and you can keep focus on your work.

2. The ability to syncronize the mirrored content on any scale, you can click the whole site and syncronize with local or do the reverse and syncronize the online site with your local copy, this can also be done on just local or remote directories, so if I right click on "acme.com/content/" and select "syncronize with local", it will synconize all content of the "acme.com/content/" folder and subfolders with "C:\my sites\acme\content", either by "replace all" "replace new" (timestamp) "ask" and such.

I really believe this would take SmartFTP to the next level of userfriendlyness and make it an even more powerful tool than it already is.

Hello ..

1. This is already possible. Use the folder link feature. The button is located in the middle bar when you have 2 or more browser open.

2. As explained in other posts this is only possible with a very small amount of FTP servers because most lack the necessary features to get/set the file date/time.


Oh wow I didn't even know that, was looking all over and couldn't find anything and it was right under my nose

On thing though I don't seem to be able to make it do, is to keep the two sides locked between sessions, also if you've moved the local browser when you used another remote browser (ie. another FTP server), smartftp will start up in that directory and you have to go back to where the other stuff is, instead of when you use a certain remote browser it will automatically go to its designed directory and be mirrored. That would really be just perfect. (especially since what I work with is nested far down on a networked drive (for backup purposes, so it takes quite some time to get back down there every time I switch)