Edit files on the server

When Editing a text file directly from the server (which I do quite often)

can't it just open the file, save it, and then once its been saved, upload the file automatically?

instead of having to be prompted to overwrite existing when your editing a different file altogether later,
and all that other crap

FileZilla, and WS_FTP allow me to edit files right from the server. I just prefer smartFTP's user interface,
but I prefer how FileZilla and WS_FTP edit files right from the server. when you right click on them in remote view

I think THAT is the most annoying and most wanted feature IMHO

I think thats the most useful to me, when I just want to do a quick spelling change to a file,
or to see if the file was uploaded in the correct format (like sometimes text files will be accidentally uploaded in ASCII format
putting CR-LF's at the end of each line, which can be a problem on linux file servers). I can convert it in my text editor to the
right format, (windows to linux to mac and vise versa) so alot of times its just quicker for me to edit it right from the server, so I don't loose track of what copy of a file is located where, esp when I need to keep routine backups of changes I make.

Right-click on the file. Select Edit from the context.

Or add the file to the Transfer Queue. Enable "Monitor File" in the Schedule dialog.


I also think the Resume/Overwrite/Skip/Abort dialog is annoying. It'd be nice if there was an option to just always overwrite the local file w/ the one from the server. I tried 'Always overwrite local file' in the settings but that didn't do it.

The latest version of SmartFTP comes with a new method to edit a file. To enable it follow these steps:

- Download and install SmartFTP from: https://www.smartftp.com/download
- Then go to the Settings->Navigation and set the Default&Drop Operation to Queue.
- Now start the Transfer Queue.
- Connection to the server
- Right-click on a file and select "Edit" from the context menu.