Multi Upload - Add Favorite Site Folder

This is both a bug report and an enhancement request.

When adding destinations for a multi upload transfer SmartFTP allows you to drag a favorite folder and will even transfer the files. The destination however is not the favorite sites within that folder but the folder where SmartFTP saves the favorite info. In my example that was %APPDATA%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites\Test where the favorite folder I used was called 'Test'. You might say this isn't a bug per-se and rather an undocumented feature but I doubt that any user actually desires this behavior. The enhancement requests then is just that; rather than transfer to files to the local directory where the favorite info is stored transfer the files to the favorite sites within that folder.

It would also be a nice to be able to just drag favorite or favorite folders right from the Favorites menu. From a UI perspective it is odd to have to tell user to edit their favorites so that they can select them as destinations.


This is by design as favorites folder are just regular file folders.

Then let me remark that it is a poor design. What possible use could the current design have?