CHMOD and delete is no longer handled in the Transfer Queue

I looked for a topic covering this, but couldn't find the discussion...

CHMOD and delete is no longer handled in the Transfer Queue because too many users did not like it.

What!?!?! Why on earth would someone be against that?
- It's way faster when handling large ammounts of files.
- On an error the rest just continues and the failed item can be examined and tried again.
- Folder navigation can continue while the work is being done.
- Not to mention all the transfer queue automation you can additionally do when these actions are also performed there.

"too many users" are plain wrong here. At least make it an option then *please*.
I thought of it as being one of best new features in 3.0

Or am i missing something...

Well explain this to the 1000 users that are against it. We gave up and just did it the way it was before.

And that's why the majority of the ppl shouldn't be allowed to vote.. They dont know what's good for them

But seriously, is this then going to be considered as an optional feature?

In the latest version there is a new option in the General->Navigation dialog which allows you to control this behavior. It means you can choose whether the Delete, SetPermission and View/Open operations are handled in the Transfer Queue or in the Remote Browser.