Remote edit


I was wondering if you could changea bit the way the external editor wors. For example now I can edit only one file rght? I mean if I edit a file with an external tool, when I go to the smartftp window I have a dialog that asks me if I want to manualy upload the file or to let SmartFTP do it for me. But I I click close the program won't checkfor updates f the file anymore right? So if I want to alternatively edittwo files I have to edit the first file close the editor, edit the second one, open the editor again and so on right?
Is it possibole to open more than a file? Maybe implement a simple internal editor or add a small window with the list of file under edit...

Thank you

Yes it's possible with the help of the Transfer Queue.

1. Queue multiple items for upload. See "Transfer Queue - Upload" tutorial at:

2. Do not start the Transfer Queue.

3. Right-click on a queued item in the transfer queue. Select "Schedule" from the context menu. Enable the "Monitor Local File" check box. Do the same thing for the other files as well.

4. Start the Transfer Queue

As soon as the local files are changed (size or date changes) they will be uploaded.


Will they be uploaded only once, or every time I save them?

Thank you for your reply!

The will be transferred everytime they change. e.g. everytime you save them.


Thank you! That's what I was looking for!

SmartFTP is the best FTP client I found! Thanks for that great tool!

I need the ability to remote-edit multiple files at the same time too. I'm using Webcraft to edit my PHP/HTML/CSS files online. In the past I used WinSCP for that, but on my new server I have no more SFTP/SCP access, so I found SmartFTP which covers most of my needs, except this one feature.

Is it thinkable to implement this feature in near future?