Sort by Date/Time Modified in Local and Remote Browsers

It would be very handy to be able to sort the displayed file list in the Local Browser by the Date/Time when the files were last modified.

When I upload from my computer to a Comcast server, Comcast ignores the timestamp of the source file, and timestamps the new/updated destination file with the date/time of the upload. The files are now identical except for the timestamps. But if I download a file, my computer accepts the timestamp from the server, and now both the contents and timestamps will agree. Other servers will likely ehave the same way.

The problem with this behavior is that the Visual Compare feature will show most files as "unequal" after an upload, since few files have been previously downloaded. That is, the behavior defeats the purpose of the Visual Compare feature -- to quickly show whether the server has been updated.

If the file list in the Local Browser could be sorted by modified date/time, then at least it would be easy to find and select recently modified files. If the file list in the Remote Browser (server) could also be sorted by modified date/time, then the time of the last upload could also be determined. Time sorting in the Local Browser would be more important, in my opinion.

In my case, Comcast appears to be using a Linix server, and I am using Windows 7.

Sorting the files by modified date is already possible in the Local Browser.

In the Visual Compare settings you can set an option to ignore the date.