New column in Transfer Queue


When I do a download of a directory on the server to local, my current file exist rule is: If the local file is older than the one on the server, download it from the server and replace it.

The Transfer Queue then fills up with entries (I have it set not to delete finished items). When it is completed, I have no way in determining which files in the directory was downloaded and replaced, unless I go to individual entries and right click to show log. I know I could just use visual compare to see ahead of time which ones would be affected, but that takes time to scroll through, especially with many subdirectories.

Can a column be added to show the action it took for each entry, like Downloaded, Uploaded, Skipped, Deleted, etc so that I can use it as a quick reference to see what action was taken? It would save me tons of time having to go through 100's of entries with visual compare or viewing the log.

If such a feature already exists, I would be greatful in letting me know!

Edit: Also, it would be great too if you could make the columns in the Transfer Queue sortable too!