# of files in a folder

How about showing the # of items thats in each folder when we click on it. I don't understand how such a BASIC UI such as that has to be asked. Its extremely inconvienent that I have to click on every single folder and then highlite every single item just to see how many files i have in it. Previous versions of smartftp showed the number of files whenever you click a folder but now the latest version doesn't? Is there something I'm missing here? I've looked at the entire UI and it doesn't show any indication of where it will tell you the # of files that is in the UI.

EDIT: Is there an option that will enable this feature? If so shouldn't an option like this be on by default?

The number of files is displayed in the status bar. The number is displayed if no file/folder in the shell view is selected. E.g. click on an empty space.

wow i must be totally blind. I did what you said and no where does it show the # of items in each folder. I click on an empty space and no where does it show the # of items. I can't believe I'm having such a hard time viewing the # of items in each folder on a program. lol Like i said before in previous versions the number of items just came out when you clicked on each folder. Why was this taken out? Don't fix what isn't broken? The only time when the # of items come out is if i physically select an item. In which case it will say "1 item selected"