Add file exists rule

Add automatic rename as file exists rule so it does not have to be selected for every single file when it is applicable.
Also add it to default action when no rule is applicable.

We will consider it.

We will consider it.
I dont want to sound ignorant, but it should be freaking easy to add. Everything is there: Whenever the file exists, there is this popup where I can choose what action should apply. Only making renaming the default action based on rules is missing. It should be really easy and quickly possible to implement and it saves a lot of time if you have hundreds of files where the actions has to be selected manually.

Several updates since then, but no change yet. Again, I think my feature request would not require much work as all necessary functions are already implemented. It only needs an additional options in the "File exists" dialog. So I am bumping this thread. I need to know if this gonna be implemented or if I have to buy another FTP client.