Windows 7 Superbar Support


I am using SmartFTP for a while and often copy large files to my ftp-server. Normally I minimize the Window to continue working with my computer. If I´d like to check the status of the transfer, I´ll have to open SmartFTP again and check it.

Windows 7 new taskbar provides several new features, for example displaying the progress of an ongoinig process. For example, when you a copy file within the Explorer, the icon's background on the taskbar will show a green progress bar indicating the progress.

It would be great, if this features will be integrated within the next releases of SmartFTP.

Would this be possible?



Dennis Alexander

We don't know the total remaining time. Hence we cannot display such a progress bar.

Hello mb, thanks for you quick answer.

There could be two ways to show the status while uploading:

I. Showing the progress of one file, which is currently uploading


Like the progress shown here (1%)

This method would only fit, if there is one file only in the list.

II. Show the Status of the transfer queue

i.e. if you have 20 items within the list, you could show how many files are transferred.

and so on

Then you would have a indication how many files were transmitted. Of cause its not exactly the progress of the transmission, but it can give you a quick and dirty overview about the progress.

Wouldn´t that be possible?

Implementing features that only work for special cases is not our goal.

How about directories that have not been enumerated yet?


Okay, i´ve got the point.

Thanks anyway