address/location bar on each tab - should be generally removable


smartftp is a great program which I am used to and like very much. As a matter of fact is one part of not willing to switch to linux (for there is no alternative)...

But there is one annoying thing, that came up with my last update: The address/location bar in each tab.

I like tabs, and I like the ver. 2.0 (e.g. the session saver), but this goes to far. I don't have a small screen, but this navigation pane is to much - the interface gets by far to crowded and I do not need this feature at all. Unfortunately, the pane cannot be switched of (neither individually for each tab, nor generally) and the other icons in the navigation bar are needed badly. So deactivating the navigation toolbar is not a solution.

The only workaround is to move the needed icons of the navigation toolbar to the general toolbar and then switch the navigation toolbar off. As this is quite time-consuming and only works for exsisting tabs, it cannot be a sufficient

Could you not make this pane removable and if so create a customization-dialog, which allows to pre-customize all and all new created tabs?

Thanx in advance!

Yours, Matthias