Bad sfv causes infinite download loop

This kind of straddles between a bug and enhancement, but I'll put it here. When SmartFTP with verification turned on encounters a bad sfv file on an ftp server, or perhaps the files are bad (tagged post-sfv I think), it'll just keep redownloading, reverifying, redownloading, etc forever. I propose that files are downloaded a maximum of 3 times (or user configurable?), or alternately, that if the just downloaded and the old .bad file it saves match, it should simply ignore it and move on to the next.

And perhaps decide to ignore the sfv file for the remainder of the folder's contents, if further matches also fail.

Of course now I'll rerun sfv on the files, but it's pretty nasty when you forget and don't check up on the queue.

The files on the server probably don't match with the sfv on the server. For this situation there is an option in the Settings -> Integrity dialog.

[x] Compare local hash with remote hash before transfer

I ran into the same problem as well, smartftp downloading the same file for an endless amount of time. It would be nice if the numbers of retries could be limited somehow.



You can set the maximum number of retries to 10 for example.
Settings -> Queue "Max Retries"

But the better option is the suggested setting in my previous post.