Easy access to the Default Favorit Settings

The Deafult Favorit settings are a little bit hidden in the settings. It would by nice, if you could go directly to them via a button - or in the Favorites in the tree view as a first entry you have "Default Favorites" (which is always there and you can't delete)

You can also access it through the Tools->Edit Default Favorite menu in the Favorites window.

Hi Mat,

thanks - it's a little bit easier to find, but not the optimum. A button here in the button bar would be fine or as I said an entry in the tree view like the predefined sites. This is only a suggestions from my work with SmartFTP - when for a longer period I have not changed the deafults and then for some reasons I had to do this, I'm always searching for this item. ;-)


The "Settings->Favorites" dialog also allow edit of the default favorite.

@Mike: Yes, I know, that is what I meant with "hidden" ;-)))