Multiple Transfer Queue

Multiple Transfer Queues

Yes? No?
Why? Why not?
What can be achieved with multiple transfer queues which is not possible now?

Looking forward to your feedback and comments.


Reusable threads would be more effective and simple. You might also split the files into categories, or set more than one timer for each. It'd make SmartFTP tidier.

Logged in specially for this one.

Most certainly yes.


Because some connections are just flaky, be they the fault of the line in general, server loads, your own box, or whatever else. The transfer (global) queue is persistant, meaning it will try again while a regular connect will not (read:not automatic) and you have to babysit it. Which I don't have the time for, so in the end I end up with multiple instances and in doing that I have to remember which one I started first in order to keep all the changes to settings, etc. on closing. Not to mention that it chews up more resources.

Further, another reasaon for my wanting multiple queues is sometimes I don't want to download consecutively, I have the bandwidth to go simultaneously on several connections at the same time and I feel that multiple queues would be a great convinence rather than juggling instances as above.

As I often find myself connected to several servers at the same time this is the single feature that I have long been waiting for. I have seen smart go through many years of development and it keeps getting better (larger but without 'bloat') and I appreciate all the years of work that the team has put into it. A special thanks to you mb! And thanks for asking for our opinion about this.

Yes for multiple queues.

Definately would be a good feature. It would make it possible to have several up and download queues set up at the same time and run/stop them independently without pausing/deleting/adding items to one global queue to make up and downloads possible at the same time.


Multiple Transfer Queue would be a nice feature.

A button or a tic-box in the drop down menue to make this queue to the default queue for up (and/or) download would be also nice.


A thing I have also expired:
If a download fails, because of a offline/overloaded server, it would be a nice feature if the download which blocks the slot for up/download moved down in the quere if another down/upload is in the queue and this server supports the resume feature.

Hope you understand what I mean

Greetz Cyron

multiple transfer queues would be lovely, being able to make queues with each multiple threads would really be nice
even nicer would be an option to "pool" connections between queues, but i guess that might be too much

Any news if this will be implemented ?