Server side editing for multiple files; revisited

I know that this is an old topic. But there are some things unmentioned elsewhere as far as I am aware of.

I read that one should use the transmission queue to do that like this:
- Pause the transmission queue.
- Transmit a file from local to remote while using the queue (the Q button must be on).
- Right click the file.
- Turn on the option "Monitor local file".
- Unpause the transmission queue.

That works somehow. Yet:

It is almost as complicated as using multiple instances of SmartFTP and Server Side Editing.

I want: SmartFTP first downloads the file (say on restarting SmartFTP).
I get: SmartFTP uploads the file at startup of SmartFTP.
When I want to use that feature together with a second person both manipulating files on the server then I get a lot of trouble because I am overwriting the other's changes.

I want: Monitor the file as long as SmartFTP runs.
I get: The monitoring seems to work only as long as the local view stays on the folder of the file. I often want to edit a couple of files distributed over various folders.

I want: SmartFTP notices that a local copy has changed, verifies whether the server file is still untouched, and then uploads the file.
I get: not sure about this one.

When I select a folder for monitoring:

I want: SmartFTP monitors each file in the folder (including subfolders) and proceeds as the previous.
I get: Sometimes SmartFTP notices a change of some file in a monitored folder (not sure under which condition). Then it uploads all files in the folder.

Actually, the server side editing of single files does exactly what I want apart from blocking SmartFTP from further operations and using a "random" local place for saving things.