Global Settings changeover - not clear at all

Hi guys,

Love the program and use it with my website.

Rencently forced to update to latest version and noticed it wasnt overwriting files. I had to go and delete them and then upload them again.

Knew I'd seen this problem the last time I upgraded so went looking for the settings to alter it - couldnt find them anywhere.

Then I checked the changelog on here and spotted its been moved to the default favourite in a different area of the program!

I'm fairly good with computers but never in a million years would I have dared to think that a default favourite is where these options would now live. The term "default favourite" in fact makes me think that it is a place holder, or example in how to make a favourite entry.

Perhaps a popup explaining this change when installing or something like that would be a good idea so others dont run into the same issues.

Keep up the good work!


I had the same experience. But I can't think of a better way they could provide the same functionality. Anyone else have an idea?


Am I being dense? I cannot find this default thing. (2.5.1006). Anyway the word DEFAULT springs to mind the settings which are given when the program is installed.

talking of which, do we really need all those superflous links in "favourites"? Even quick connect is mirrored by the dropdown menu of registered sites methinks.




There ya go.