A couple of enhancements for SFTP operation

Hi, I'm currently evaluating a few SFTP clients and I'm finding SmartFTP to be the one that best matches my needs.

Still, I think that there are a couple of issues that should be ironed out:

- It should be possible to enter the passphrase for a certain private key when establishing the connection, just like for a normal password when establishing a traditional FTP connection.
I would want this to avoid having the passphrase stored in the .xml file. The alternative is to use a private key without a passphrase which I think some people aren't willing to do.
WinSCP has this feature, Filezilla at the moment can only use private keys without a passphrase.

- When using SFTP it should be possible to see the full user and group names, just like with traditional FTP, and not just the UID and GID.
Both WinSCP and Filezilla can do this.

I understand that SFTP is rather new in SmartFTP, even so it seems to work nicely.
These are the only points that I think need a little work.

Any chance to see these changes implemented in the foreseeable future?


Thank you very much.