Window tiling...

Hello, long time Smart FTP user here. I've been meaning to post for ages but never got round to it.

I really dislike the was the windows are handled in version 2.0. I like to have my Local Browser on the left and web site on the right. However whenever I connect to a new site, it always goes on the left as a tab next to the local browser tab. Or, if I don't have any site connections open, it creates a new section on the left and moves the local browser to the right.

Firstly, is there any way to keep the local browser on the left pane and all the site connections on the right pane? I've looked through all the options and can't find anything to control this.

So if this is not possible I strongly suggest making it the default behaviour or at least adding an option to control it.

Thanks for such a great piece of software so far! I hope you can improve the interface with the next version.

Did you take a look at the window menu?
Menu: Windows -> Auto Layout

Ah right, can't believe I missed that...