to queue up integrity checks


I've seen these topics, their request also concerns integrity verification efficiency but in a different way:
Transfer Integrity Check: in blocks?
XCRC/XMD5 small section of the file?

I usually download many small files with lots of workers (10-30, or even 40). Sometimes, especially if the files have the same size a number of downloads finishes at the same time. I think SmartFTP does the integrity verification on them in a parallel way and that simply kills my notebook's HDD. Not only are the checked files fragmented (mentioned in this thread) but many are accessed at the same time which is a very inefficient way to read from a HDD. Most of the time 5-10 integrity checks cause a total stop on my dowloads as the HDD cannot cope with the load. I believe queueing up the check jobs could alleviate this problem. Perhaps server load could be reduced too if the checksums were requested with a bit more time in between each request.

Hope this doesn't sound too chaotic. Keep up the good work, SmartFTP is a very nice client. I'm sure you have lots to do but I also believe that efficient HDD access is a very important point and should be addressed asap.

Good idea.

Two problems:
1. 90% of the FTP servers do not support integrity checks. From the remaining ones some lack the calculation of partial file hashes.
2. We do not have enough resource to implement a feature where less than 1% of the users see a benefit of.

Personally I encountered the same problems as you described and I would welcome this feature as well but there are simple no available resources. Sorry.


there are simple no available resources. Sorry.

Thanks, at least that's an honest and clear answer. Please put this req somewhere on the shelf where developers would find it when/if they become idle eventually. ...just hoping.

ADDED: Oh, btw following your logic the whole integrity checks business is also just a minor issue since most of the servers don't support it, maybe a bit less minor than my suggestion, since mine is a subset of the integrity check topic. But as far as me as an outsider can see it implementing security checks is a much tougher job than making the different threads wait for the others to finish (a quite simple programming task, or am I mistaken?), so why ever were they integrated into the client? Don't consider this as accusation or as demands for immediate action please, these're just my thoughts. I find SmartFTP a generally enjoyable product and this issue is minor for me too. Well, since I turned off the checks for my FTP server and haven't had any corrupted files yet, this indeed became minor.