Reload button to replace Refresh button (user choice)

I found the Reload button!
Re: Refresh vs Reload (where Refresh is up-front/visible, Reload is in the Context menu), this is confusing to most I would assume. By accident I found the Reload trigger just yesterday, in the right-click Context menu.
Personally, when using SmartFTP, I hardly use the Context menu. I would like to see a change where Reload replaces Refresh as being up-front and visible and put Refresh in the Context.
This could be a user choice option on what function the button does. ?
As it is now, you have to right-click to get to the Reload option, while making sure your cursor is not hovering over a folder/file, which brings up a different set of menu options. It's a bit cumbersome and lsows down the process for something that should be; click > done.
Thank you for your consideration with this request.

Refresh does now function like it in the 5.0 version. Meaning that the cache is purged and the file listing is retrieved from the server again.

Fantastic! Thank you mb. :)