more userfriendly keepass integration

I would really appreciate if you could change the way smartftp reacts, when the keepass database closes, but smartftp has still an active connection using a password. Currently you get an "Unknown Error" alert window, that cannot be closed (it reopens again immediately after it was closed). With that you can only kill smartftp or unlock the password database again, to do something other in smartftp.
Well, if you could change it at least to a confirm window with an 'ok' and 'cancel' button and if you choose cancel, it closes the opened remote browsers.
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PS: if you need to know. I am using SmartFTP Ultimate 6.0.2136.0 with windows 8.1

it is still the same problem.
In addition if you have open two or more password database opened in keepass but you only want to have smartftp connected with one, smartftp keeps requesting for read access for the (active) database. Even when you say "no" the request popup comes again immediately, making it impossible to work with keepass without granting access or force kill smartftp with taskmanager!

Please contact support: menu: File - Help - Request Support