Keyboard Auto Search

When we are inside a folder and we press a letter, it takes us to the next file that starts with that letter. Can we have an option that when we press a letter, it remembers keystrokes, for example:

A user who is looking for file named File3baid:

User currently types f to take to fake3baid
My idea:

Allow the user the ability to type fi and go to the first file that begins with fi if no fi exists then it stays at f. I know we can search for an exact file by using a search command, but sometimes it's easier to just start typing the letters.

Just a thought, if that makes any sense at all.

Johnie Karr

That's what SmartFTP already does ... you just have to press the letters quickly after each other. If the delay between first and second letter is too big, SmartFTP interprets the second letter as the first letter of a new search, just like Windows Explorer. Try the latest build from my footer.

It is not really keyboard friendly because we have to click a file first.

In windows, i go to the file view and i can type "my fo" , [enter] , "my fi" , [enter] .... to navigate.
Here in smartftp i have to do: mouse click any file , type "my fo" , [enter] , mouse click any file , type "my fi" , [enter] .... to navigate.

Hello ..

What you are saying doesn't make much sense to me. Try to rephrase it.


Works for me. The keyboard focus stays in the file view after pressing <Enter> to change into the directory.

Sorry, you're absolutely right!

I don't know which version I have at work. But here at home, I have 2.0.1000.6 and it's OK, great !

In fact at work I have version 2.0.1000.2. In this one, I can't type file names to select them unless I click one file before (each time the file list pane reloads).

Recap "Select by typing file/folder names" :
2.0.1000.2 with windows 2000 : doesn't work
2.0.1000.6 with windows XP : works