'Control-tab' and 'drag and drop' at the same time

If you have two windows open - for example a local browser and a remote browser. And they are maximised, then you can use control-tab to toggle between the windows. However, if you start dragging a file from the local window, you can't then control-tab to go to the remote window to upload the file. This would save you having to tile the windows side by side.

Confirmed with 2.0.995.11. As an alternative, while dragging move the mouse over the tab of the window you would like to drag to (still keeping the mouse button pressed) and the window will come to the foreground after a short delay. There is no need to tile the windows.

This method is quite slow. If you're constantly uploading files (for example when working on a website), then it's too slow. I'm finding that I'm having to have an instance of windows explorer running and using that to drag from instead. This kindof defeats the purpose of having a local browser in the ftp client.