a few things

Hi, I've been using SmartFTP Client 4.0.1229.0 on Windows 7 for about a month now and really like it. I think its the best FTP client I've ever used. That said, theres a few things I've noticed that you guys might do to make it even better.

1) It never seems to enter my start menu "most used programs" list. After the amount of usage I give it, I'd think it would have earned a spot there.

2) I always use FTPS, and when I open the program the little protocol selector on the address bar displays with FTPS selected, but when I then go and open a remote site from there, the program uses regular FTP. I have to reselect FTPS even if it's already displayed as selected. This seems like a bug.

3) A personal convention that I've always used with FTP clients is having my remote browser on the right, and my local browser on the left. But SmartFTP always wants to open my remote browser on the left, which makes me always drag it over to the right. Maybe I'm just being nit-picky but a preferences setting to have it open on the right would be nice.

Anyway, that's my feedback in case you guys wanted some ideas to make the program better.

Menu: Window->Auto Layout

Ah ha. Great, thanks!