Auto Update SmartFTP Program

I use SmartFTP for uploading my personal web site, have done so for many years. Thanks for making this great product free.

Since it is a personal web site, however, I find that I only use it periodically, and it is very frustrating to find that every time I want to use the program I have to download the latest version and install it.
PLEASE integrate an auto update feature in your program that will go and check for updates on program startup and only download/install the required files (rather than the whole program), then continue to start the program when completed.

That way it will take 20 seconds for the whole process rather than having to go through everything we do at the moment.

I've seen the option under General - Advanced - Update Check. This doesn't appear to automatically update the program though.
If I disable this will it stop prompting me to download the latest version?


I agree...this would be a great feature, it should save them bandwidth too.

Or allow smartftp to continue working, even if it's an old version....