Use multiple connections on single site

A nice feature of FileZilla is the ability to open up a user-specifiable number of connections per site. While not that useful with large files, doing this can markedly speed up those situations where you're uploading lots of small files

Hello ..

Edit the favorite item settings. Then go to the Transfer->Queue dialog and set the maximum number of Workers.


Do you have to transfer using the queue system to make that come into effect? Or will it work with drag 'n' drop direct transfer too?

You should use the Transfer Queue for all your transfers.

You can change the default Drag&Drop operation (Direct/Queue) in the Settings->Navigation.


Hmm, I did try doing that at one point but it seems I have to press the play/go icon to actually start the transfers. Am I missing some blindingly obvious way to make the queue start transmission automatically?

You have to press the "Play" button once in your life. Then it will always remember the state.


Okay, thanks very much. Seeing as this is in the enhancement forum, I might suggest the whole way it works be made a little more intuitive/obvious for new users. At the moment it's a little jarring, even for someone such as myself who's been using various FTP clients for years on end.

A classic example is calling the connections workers rather than connections for no apparent reason. Not using standard language slightly detriments the experience rather than enhances, even if it is original. Also not utilising the queue by default, which you imply people should be judging from your "You should use the Transfer Queue for all your transfers" comment.

Still, very nice program overall. Damn near perfect now I've got this queue business sorted.