Remote Edit destroys file permissions

When editing a remote file and sending the modified content back to the server the file permissions are lost.

Step-by-step instruction:
  1. upload a file
  2. edit properties using "Properties/CHMOD" in context menu
  3. change the file permissions from default ones by setting "execute by user" for instance
  4. save file permissions selecting OK (and verify them)
  5. choose "Edit" from context menu
  6. insert some text in the editor
  7. save the file in your editor
  8. use "Upload" to send modifications to server (if not done automatically)
  9. choose "close" to end "Remote edit"
  10. refresh the directory listing using F5 or context menu (if you do not refresh, neither the server view nor the chmod-dialog will be updated)
  11. view properties using "Properties/CHMOD" in context menu
    => the changed file permissions are lost
This also affects overwriting a file which has some modified permissions.

I suppose the file is uploaded like in a normal upload process allowing to override the target. Remembering the file permissions before editing and setting them afterwards could do the job.

My system info:

+- System -----------------------------
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

CPU Speed : 1594 MHz
Total Memory : 502 MB
Free Memory : 107 MB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------
Version : 2.5.1005.18
Time Stamp : 2007-04-10 05:20:32
Platform : x86

+- Application DLL --------------------
sfFTPLib.dll :
sfFavorites.dll :
SmartHook.dll :

+- Language ---------------------------
SmartFTPDEU.dll : 2.0.1005.10

+- Internet Explorer ------------------
Version : 7.0.5730.11

+- Winsock ----------------------------
Winsock : 2.2