Installer Request: Option to uninstall setup files


Yet another request from me

- Option at the installer to automatically deinstall the temp. Setup-Files Installation

Maybe I miss the point, but I never needed the setup files after installation?


The "SmartFTP Client Setup Files" can be removed in the Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs.


Hi Mat,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I know the installer can be uninstalled manually.
I just don't see need to keep them installed after the setup is completed.

As I said earlier, I might miss the point why the setup files get their own installation.


Same question here.
Why does the setup doesn't just install SmartFTP ?

Any explanation on why installing setup files and keeping them ?

This is only an issue if you use the MSI edition of the SmartFTP setup. MSI requires the installation database (which is in fact the original MSI file) to be on disk in order to perform changes to the installed application.

The best solution to this is to use the NSI edition of the SmartFTP setup instead, which uses the Nullsoft Installer and does not suffer from any such issues. Smaller updates are only available as NSI setups anyways, and final non-beta builds are available as both NSI and MSI setups. Just use the NSI setup all times and you're set.