broken filenames and special symbols

For many languages ordianry letters are special symbols of FTP protocol.
(for example russian language with cp1251 encoding)
Solution of this problem is doubling special symbols in file name before upload.

There are several ftp-servers (such as proftpd), which break filename when user upload files(FTP full RFC compatible servers).
And there are servers, which don't do it(authors of this servers don't read RFC).

I think it was great to have option in program "Double FTP/telnet special symbols"
List of symbols (
symbol code
SE 240
NOP 241
Data Mark 242
Break 243
Interrupt Process 244
Abort output 245
Are You There 246
Erase character 247
Erase Line 248
Go ahead 249
SB 250
WILL (option code) 251
WON'T (option code) 252
DO (option code) 253
DON'T (option code) 254
IAC 255 (russian letter for cp1251 encoding)

UTF8 is the way to go. Proftpd doesn't support UTF8 as far as I know. On the other hand most FTP servers under MS Windows do.