Remote Folder listing not refreshing automatically (mark 2)

This thread describes the problem well enough: ... hl=refresh

While this irritating is resolved with direct transfers, it seems to persist when transferring via queues. Hopefully the fix that was applied to the original problem can be duplicated for queue transfers.

I also wished that automatic refresh after queued transfers would be finally added ... :-)

This issue is still plaguing queued transfers. It's so annoying having to refresh that I simply can't use queued transfers anymore; will this be fixed?

This is not considered a bug. Though the automatic refresh will be improved in the future. In the meanwhile pressing F5 shouldn't be a problem.


I was hoping this would be improved in 1005, but it appears not.

I have to admit, I find it really hard to see how this is not perceived as a bug. I mean, exactly who would want to upload a bunch files and not have a view of how the new structure looks until they hit F5? It's comparable to renaming a file in Windows or OS X and it not updating the window with the new name until you hit F5. It might not technically be a bug, but it's certainly grating against the user experience.

I personally can't see how making the application refresh all windows after any queue has finished being executed is difficult to implement, although my programming knowledge is limited at best.

I'm not the only person who this irritates and even an administrator of this forum seems to have agreed in the post above. It'd be really appreciated if it could be looked at.