File backup

Often when uploading files to FTPs I'm doing it to live client sites. It's always preferable to have a backup of any files uploaded as multiple people are working on most sites, and there is potential for clashes on those where SVN is not used.

At the moment what we do is instead of overwriting a file, we move the original into a 'backups' folder on the server and then prefix a timestamp. So for example, 'index.aspx' might become '2008_09_31_13_12_index.aspx'. This specific format of timestamp is used as the OS will automatically put all the files in the right data order. Of course sub-folders could be used even more effectively, but that requires more effort and isn't worthwhile seeing as it's done manually every time.

It'd be fantastic if this could be implemented as an automatic feature in SmartFTP. I can see it being useful for a lot of professional users who would value such a level of redundancy without manual intervention or additional backup software, and even backup software only takes backup at change-independent intervals.

Give it some consideration, I urge you.