TQ duplicates

Possibility for the TQ to automatically ignore duplicate files added into it. sometimes i add a bunch of files to the TQ and Monitor them and sometimes i get 2 files that are identical and try to transfer themselves simultaneously, as they should. rooting these out should be automatic or configurable

thanks for taking the feature requests into account.

how does it work though?

No duplicates are added.

i put the TQ on pause. added 3x the same file to transfer and then released it - didnt remove any duplicates. i also tried saving the TQ and then opened it from the file - it saved all duplicates too.

could you be more specific? like an example?

The way it is designed is like this:
1. Each item in the transfer queue has an unique id
2. When you save your transfer queue with the Copy To... function all the items will be copied to the new file
2. If you add this file (Add function) SmartFTP checks if there are already items with the same id in the existing transfer queue. In this case these items (duplicates) will not be added.

If you believe there is a problem please provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce it.

The way you described it works very well.

But what i wanted as a feature is this:
0. pause the queue
1. Add a file to the TrQ
2. Add the same file again
3. Monitor these files
4. start the queue

when i change the file, both files want to upload themselves simultaneously.
This could be a feautre in some scenarios, but maybe you could create a button which removes duplicate local files - so it could be pressed at any time and it purges the TrQ of same local files or same remote files. Doing this purgin automatically would be annoying in some cases - so a button would be great. This is very low prio though - rooting the duplicates out manually is rare and rather quick

I do not think an additional feature (or button) is justified for such a special case. To workaround the problem make sure that the two items that are equal have the same id. This way only one will be added.