Date Filter

Hi, I think that sometimes we want to download the files from a server but ONLY from a given date. When do this happens? Well, if we are keeping a personal mirror of a big site like, and I had already made a copy of that site on december 2004, how could I download only the files created/modified between jan 2005 and march 2006? I've already burnt all the files to optical media, and I don't have the space necessary to copy all to hard disk and try to synchronize the files.

Is there a possibility that this suggestion be implemented on a future release?

Thanks, SmartFTP dev team...


In addition to the post above.... I recently wrote something in de public support forum, but with no result.
Therefor here my contribution of the same request.

I have an FTP server which I have to check weekly.
It has a lot of folders in folders.
And the only files/folders I want to have are the new ones.
At the moment I select everything and download the whole server (verrrry time consuming)

It would be a lot easier just to select a filter with a date, selecting the whole server, but only download
the files/folders from the date that the filter pointed.

Example: Date >= '01-05-2006 14:56:00'

Ofcourse an option to set more date filters at the same time would be fantastic.
That way I can filter (select) specific timeframes to download.