Ignore files/directories list or at least ignore hidden files/directories


Everytime I want to upload my site I have to do a Subversion Export first and then I can upload it, because if I don't I end up uploading all the Subversion data, which is useless and is composed of thousands of files so it's slows down everything over the FTP protocol.

So what I would like is an option to skip Subversion folders (named .svn or _svn), hidden folders (they are), or to be able to define a mask myself (where I could add .svn -as a folder name, not an extension).

Another option, but I don't think it's as nice, would be to make the Selection Groups feature able to recursively-select files.. maybe something like Upload->Selection Group->MY WEB FILE TYPES would recursively queue all these file types from the active directory ?

Anyway thanks for that already very nice program, I hope you can do something about this.

Ah great, I was quite amazed to find that I couldn't do that, I'm glad I was wrong. Sorry for the annoyance