Prefetch queue child items

When I queue multiple directories (one by one) they're added to the queue with a single entry, for the directory only. Then, when a worker eventually gets to the directory, found child items are added to the queue, and processing of these starts. 
I'd like a mechanism where I can set an option to make SmartFTP prefetch and queue child items immediately upon queuing of the containing directory. Currently, I need to manually create a local directory structure mirroring the server structure, and then queue each individual file for transfer.
This would provide the following benefits:
- A correct total queue size
. Possibility of estimating queue completion time
- The ability to (manually, not with filters) exclude files from transfer even if they're deep in a directory structure, regardless of how much data is already queued.
Or, is this already supported and I simply haven't found the right way to do it?