Bug Reports - Version 2.x (Read Only)

Unable To List MLSD19hugo.georg2008-04-16 05:00:07
Cannot delete inside local browser3hadiz2008-03-19 02:20:49
[F7] Edit not working in latest version5rlevis2008-03-17 02:27:46
Not Enough Disk Free Space4Packet10092008-03-16 12:08:33
Quick Connect Remove Bug5CedricD2008-03-16 00:45:06
Remote Edit Editors list vanishes2Landline2008-03-15 13:07:31
Plimus Error Upon Purchase2jazzairwaves2008-03-13 03:42:31
Floders will not copy in new version3sven72008-03-11 05:08:49
backup/restore not honoring path to favorites11akahige2008-03-06 18:03:57
Can't see text when managing or editing favourites in list view6yyilmaz2008-02-26 23:20:11
SmartFTP Constantly Crashes2Nodice2008-02-25 16:19:06
Error in sfftplib.dll7robn772008-02-13 21:14:05
Transfer Queue2ozman2008-02-12 23:38:40
2.5.1008 display bug2andyclay2008-02-05 20:18:54
Show Raw Listing opens blank Notepad4timbrummitt2008-02-04 10:58:43
integrity checks timeout silently5frustr8d2008-01-24 18:56:47
Local Browser folder type does not match that of windows3heelism2008-01-24 11:28:05
Error Report3ereuben2008-01-10 06:30:06
New Folder Rename Bug5hair2008-01-09 22:04:19
Problem with Vista (Local Browser not showing files)3mleigh2008-01-03 13:23:39
backup folder3slimjim5052007-12-19 19:25:49
App window does not refresh2eneely2007-12-16 19:28:03
SmartFTP v2.5.1008 hogs virtual memory on windows 20004maddunr2007-12-08 20:53:55
Slow Down and Stop4PeterHS2007-12-07 17:49:13
Upgrade to 2.5 Error3ops@uflp.com2007-12-04 18:40:41
SmartFTP Crash after every one file transfer but not always6hoaxer2007-12-03 17:32:53
Upgrading from 2.5.1006.46 to 2.5.1008.1910Cerbera2007-11-29 21:35:01
SmartFTP 2.5.1008 Overwrites file without confirmation4Kyle_Katarn2007-11-27 20:31:51
OnLoad: Selected Remote Tab isn't what is shown4craigw92922007-11-27 16:05:24
SSL connection is not interrupted after clicking NO in the Verify Certificate Dialog Box6Artem2007-11-22 10:49:36
2.5.1008.143yli2007-11-20 21:05:58
2.5.1008.13 x6410yli2007-11-18 09:11:10
Double click on images won't open, force to use open with9Mathachew2007-11-18 02:19:51
Unable to create files5zoud2007-11-14 18:49:12
Favorites | Manage Favorites broken3U.N.C.L.E.2007-11-10 23:16:13
Can't delete favorite. SmartFTP hangs.2U.N.C.L.E.2007-11-10 23:10:17
Crashes w/o a notice2idle2007-11-10 05:03:19
locking files36vigdor2007-11-09 14:46:16
Abnormal Program Termination14hanks4242007-11-09 05:12:03
Failure to upload edited file when name contains "<" or ">" on Windows NTFS8T3h Ub3r K1tten2007-11-05 23:00:10
2.5.1008.13yli2007-10-27 18:00:59
SmartFTP sometimes won't start under Windows Vista20Chuck Adkins2007-10-23 18:42:17
Folder doesn't update when folder is moved into tree3Ryan J Williams2007-10-23 16:06:52
Visual C++ Runtime Error2ryoung2007-10-17 17:08:15
SmartFTP won't start (always crashes) and I want to use it!21trappedatuf2007-10-14 14:56:05
Remote editor settings not working properly II6clarisa2007-10-14 13:30:43
Crash starting from shortcuts3jabberwock2007-10-10 10:51:05
Registration and Favorites Keep Disappearing7MaxTurner2007-10-08 23:31:21
Thunderbird conflict8sflorg2007-10-05 12:58:51
Remote editor settings not working properly5bfarber2007-10-01 16:08:14
Crash when Unlocking Computer (XP SP2)2L0cky2007-09-29 16:19:59
AppCrash3al_mathews2007-09-28 15:50:54
Crash when pointing to a .png image file26jlkettwig2007-09-25 18:59:46
Failed dll in 2.5.1006.392doctorj2007-09-22 12:32:33
2.5.1006.38 - Shared favourites7oeoj2007-09-19 02:45:41
Delete does not work in Favorites pane2U.N.C.L.E.2007-09-04 17:38:29
Crash while using Favorites windows4Raoul2007-08-30 20:56:20
SmartFTP disables keyboard volume controls4oliver3412007-08-30 10:09:19
Bug or intended this way?3classicfan2007-08-29 00:16:19
Undesired pop ups on 2.5.1006.352altidude2007-08-28 23:19:22
partial setup error!3yli2007-08-28 17:25:41
Website bug2craigw92922007-08-17 03:47:51
"File Exists" Rules not followed8J_SysAdmin2007-08-15 18:01:36
Favorites Window - White Text/No Text5yli2007-08-13 15:59:37
Visual C++ Error10craigw92922007-08-13 02:58:48
"Speed Limits" in Favorites6geohei2007-08-12 18:39:02
Keyboard Hot Keys not working10intelx862007-08-10 13:32:13
SmartFTP 2.5 Build 1006.13 - out of memory message2d132007-08-09 14:32:41
Windows Taskbar disappears10DebbieFigg2007-08-08 23:06:13
Cisco VPN Client Cause SmartFTP problems2Sorbukar2007-08-02 18:57:35
Favorites Bugs4sparkweb2007-08-02 08:22:12
CPU max and program hangs4searcher12007-07-31 21:52:14
'Refresh' changes sort order7SebJC2007-07-30 15:40:18
.bad extrension7oil2007-07-27 17:12:27
Desktop.ini in smartftp folder causing files to be hidden6Packet10092007-07-23 00:50:10
workspaces merging8Sumaleth2007-07-21 05:34:06
SmartFTP hangs on VISTA 64 Ultimate2Netz2007-07-19 17:26:59
Cache not working6rlevis2007-07-09 12:29:21
Files Not Listed4douglasbrothers2007-07-05 22:29:25
VC++ Runtime Library error stops SmartFTP4LinMoXi2007-07-02 19:46:45
Startup failure11dwh2007-06-27 12:16:45
button Upload dont works10Jonson2007-06-27 06:51:31
File Exists rules and "Recent"3uecasm2007-06-22 12:49:47
The Windows tray icon for SmartFTP4kronicllyill2007-06-12 06:11:37
v2.5 1006 Update3kraybone2007-06-12 01:43:47
sftp 2.5 : "limit local port range" don't work3scanner2007-06-07 08:21:23
"Windows" Toolbar visibility not saved3Cerbera2007-05-31 23:21:00
TortoiseSVN layer icons on files and folders disappaer in SmartFTP3hoaxer2007-05-29 09:43:37
local file get zeroed when source was renamed/deleted/moved4arthurleu2007-05-28 04:11:39
2.5.1005.397yli2007-05-27 19:54:00
2.5.1005.38 one time hang9yli2007-05-26 14:58:54
2.5.1005.37 bug5yli2007-05-25 17:49:34
Import from WS_FTP LE - SmartFTP can't resolve Host Names3Sherman2007-05-19 00:09:31
SFTP forgets setting?3Ring_of_fire2007-05-17 07:29:51
Easy one - misspelling2Eriboll2007-04-16 15:34:22
BUG: Busy Files Occupy Queue8jmarti052007-04-16 14:05:54
Forum Problems:2Andy_veal2007-04-12 17:17:19
Problem with Win Vista3zsn2007-04-12 00:21:46
Vista: Crash when mouse is moved from one to another menu.1mb2007-04-08 07:27:03
Proxy Password is not saved3sari_50002007-04-03 10:33:45
File Replace screen (File Exists)2Ardillas2007-03-31 16:23:35
Remote browser doesn't list all folders6roland.moelle2007-03-30 14:00:01
CPU usage way high7ender2007-03-27 11:12:41
Too long start!6yli2007-03-22 05:57:51
2.5.1005.0 x642yli2007-03-21 18:32:05
local file browser not displaying in vista3evanjm2007-03-13 17:08:38
Problem with Filters3d4vr0s2007-03-12 11:22:23
MODE Z will not enable even though server supports it.5spinkb2007-03-10 22:48:47
Problem with Vista (Local Browser not showing files)14ArtShapiro2007-03-10 06:06:46
Local path2Prtik2007-03-08 11:35:39
Queue transfer : in the destination, nothing but folder "SFTPDROP"8olivier.pons2007-03-07 10:19:07
SmartFTP 2.5.1004.9 Bug3dj022007-03-06 20:16:10
Problem with saving port number in latest beta6d4vr0s2007-02-28 12:49:13
Vista?6lbembry2007-02-27 23:25:45
vista download issue8Curlylox2007-02-26 22:53:12
SmartFTP runs no more!?!4KoenigDickBauch2007-02-23 07:48:00
Remote Control2Bruno2007-02-22 18:44:07
Local path3Prtik2007-02-22 11:04:57
"sfFTPLib is not licensed" AGAIN and AGAIN !1Poulain2007-02-22 10:46:59
Global Queue for All Transfers (It Cut and Paste instead of Copy)7patrickong2007-02-22 06:07:56
File information reversed.1jabberwock2007-02-19 16:26:33
8Bruno2007-02-16 16:08:09
File Exist Rules Reverse Upload/Download3ctal2007-02-15 19:01:37
Local Browser Refresh4trembirth2007-02-15 11:03:05
Global Queue for all transfers2patrickong2007-02-15 06:22:00
Message Box Titles Reversed2skennedy@cruzio.com2007-02-13 18:41:15
file resume reversed (new issue to latest version)6user502007-02-12 06:40:37
Retry Delay Bugs2bug762007-02-09 21:40:16
Auto upload not working in Vista Home Premium (x64)16deanbayley2007-02-02 15:20:57
File exists replace with backwards5qprhooligan2007-01-31 22:19:28
SmartFTP Crashes after ~50 seconds15wundermac2007-01-30 20:03:40
File exists - Replace with Unknown:Unknown3mga2007-01-30 19:43:32
SOLVED: Virtual Memory usage1Opuz Klass2007-01-27 12:13:01
Kein Upload, wenn SmartFTP nicht im Vordergrund2Bruno2007-01-26 19:11:52
File Replace Date Mixup error3BigCheese2007-01-24 00:12:27
Runtime Error!7vistax2007-01-21 17:43:52
Keep File Time and resuming downloads3Kukac2007-01-18 03:56:43
Custom background color not aplied to Queue log1Pixel_K2007-01-16 17:43:51
3Bruno2007-01-12 13:20:47
Customised local help color is saved but not applied6Pixel_K2007-01-10 15:30:02
550 *: No such file or directory directory5GreyHound2007-01-09 22:55:35
1Bruno2007-01-08 13:14:25
Transfer Queue gets confused when using multiple threads2andrew.harris2006-12-27 14:55:31
SmartFTP's UPnP support broken with D-Link DGL-41003Ashlyn2006-12-17 01:23:29
Customised local help color is not saved2Pixel_K2006-12-08 21:40:55
Vista not displaying files in local browser3jamesh10312006-12-02 15:48:00
Local Browser "jumping"159xb2006-11-23 09:04:55
w98 crash (strictly speaking not a bug)2spiny norman2006-11-18 11:18:41
"Overwirte?" option can be bypassed through user error3dragon23092006-11-15 17:11:03
Enter key for remote directories no longer works3ChaosTangent2006-11-14 11:54:56
SmartFTP has stopped working39yaip2006-11-10 15:31:47
SmartFTP doesn't starts under AppLocale2tonari2006-11-06 20:56:23
Sync Navigation3Prtik2006-11-06 19:29:06
SITE CHMOD fails on filenames with spaces6larrywtc2006-11-03 23:53:03
Newest release crashed when importing favorites3brakai2952006-11-02 20:20:33
Error copying files starting with space4dmcgiv2006-10-25 09:03:20
2.0.997.4 -> 2.0.999.16 queue.dat conversion looses temporary queue information4dragon6952006-10-22 21:55:30
Remote Folder listing not refreshing automatically6peter_a_brown2006-10-11 22:43:30
Filename Column automaticaly gets very small5ovisopa2006-10-07 07:01:55
Unable to view directories in Folder View Pane, Still2kkorz2006-09-29 12:12:17
Frequent crashes using new version (2.0.997)2ted@top-gun.us2006-09-27 17:06:26
SmartFTP window title blinking in the taskbar2nawak2006-09-26 09:40:13
Keyboard shortcut F6 not working2Opuz Klass2006-09-22 23:06:43
2.0.998.26 ignoring stop queue option3altidude2006-09-19 19:01:04
Runtime Error when setting timer3altidude2006-09-15 23:40:17
Crash on huge files with size in bytes2Katy2006-09-11 21:20:55
When minimized or minimized to tray SmartFTP uses only 2 workers8Opuz Klass2006-09-11 11:03:31
View List Filename Truncated3rhakundy2006-09-07 19:30:56
[2.0.998.3][queue] Deleted item still connected5D-Kalck2006-09-05 12:29:45
time check in "File Exist rules" still does not work exact1brotondi2006-09-05 08:22:42
little bug: Drag&Drop to local: + missing2brotondi2006-09-05 08:09:20
421 Too many connections (8) from this IP5Driskell2006-08-26 15:00:22
LIST -aL command NOT compatible w/ Connect:Enterprise Mailbox (Sterling Commerce)2bsfisher2006-08-17 15:02:50
SmartFTP stay in Task Manager after close7fbat2006-08-10 16:52:37
Remote column listing...5krustybrandmaf2006-08-05 14:22:40
Can't transfer files with accented characters1agressiv2006-08-05 03:16:37
Problem with Directory Listing on z/OS3ulrich.boche@sva.de2006-08-02 12:32:38
Still problems with directory listing on sunos 5.85rts2006-07-31 06:13:56
Directory List Issue6supersentry2006-07-26 12:13:36
Workspace does not remember sort order5lklawless2006-07-24 16:14:25
Log window refresh problem3U.N.C.L.E.2006-07-23 00:34:15
url links in the log pane are not working4nulbox2006-07-18 14:00:33
Auto column sizing does not take header into account4eyebex2006-07-14 10:35:42
Progress bar not updating in this version7rodneymc2006-07-12 20:12:55
AUTH SSL option problem6jlcfly2006-07-11 21:27:02
"Restore WorkSpace on start" not working properly9superpj2006-07-11 18:29:32
Error Uploading Directory tree from Windows OS to OpenVMS14masood2006-06-28 15:31:08
Displaying usernames by servername2cmaniac2006-06-28 12:29:04
Sorting columns10cmaniac2006-06-28 12:20:41
Bugs with the Recent Folder button2fbat2006-06-24 16:40:34
KnowledgeBase missing?2OldIron2006-06-24 14:53:49
Connection error4elfbrewery2006-06-23 20:18:33
Toolbar 'Login' has changed, would you like to reset?5Mike...2006-06-20 13:03:06
Minor visual glitch3darkside2006-06-09 08:29:58
Local folder tree bug2kkez2006-06-05 13:55:35
mdtm bug4kryptolus2006-06-04 17:55:02
Page error in user.exe2Mark_B2006-06-04 13:55:56
MDTM Can't be disabled9cthights2006-06-03 01:48:56
Error creating remote directory on VMS host3gremlin2006-06-02 08:15:23
File names truncated in "View List"7superpj2006-05-30 13:25:22
Resuming compatibility5Opuz Klass2006-05-25 15:50:30
Omitted directories3bwbecker2006-05-24 16:14:43
"Close" button not working3Ring_of_fire2006-05-22 14:33:31
Runtime Error on Start6frichard@wesa.ca2006-05-16 12:46:04
Folder tree does not show all subfolders with VxWorks server8DavidA2006-05-10 10:58:38
Backup Location Bug6patrickong2006-04-29 12:08:57
Queue2m1th0l0gy2006-04-26 20:54:51
SmartFTP Toolbar Problem4@man2006-04-23 17:56:01
SmartFtp exits automatically!7cat2uk2006-04-22 13:32:57
Smart FTP Freezes on opening local folder11rp@hshs2006-04-19 13:15:28
Virtual Memory usage14Opuz Klass2006-04-15 21:48:17
Scheduled Transfers dissapears on upgrade to 2.02cayugadan2006-04-11 18:12:02
Checkbox 'Display "***" in password' works inversely2Mastershrimp2006-04-08 10:13:40
Resume downloads bug v.2.0.996.52neodatatype2006-04-06 20:28:00
[2.0.996.5]Icons problem in Favorites2Replika2006-04-04 05:12:45
Timeout (0s)15bramtops2006-03-31 11:41:37
Out of diskspace.2Dani2006-03-29 16:01:09
[2.0.996.0] File Exits Rule Problem ?4Replika2006-03-29 10:55:27
SmartFTP 2.0 freezeing problem7theunseen2006-03-28 23:30:22
Settings Not Saving4louish2006-03-28 20:18:13
SmartFtp using more connections than allow2fbat2006-03-28 03:21:12
fails to download URL taken from clipboard2vrapp2006-03-19 20:44:00
Mouse Pointer Disappear12Pastoweb2006-03-16 22:24:30
Buffer sizes back to default after restart smartftp3Quakie2006-03-15 23:06:13
Speed graph does not extend far enough on 1920x1200 monitor resolution2HerbCSO2006-03-15 18:24:04
Grid Row Deletion2icepick3142006-03-15 14:09:18
Useless connections on excluded files2tommie2006-03-14 19:58:04
Bug in "Do not use compression for files matching:"3Opuz Klass2006-03-10 00:00:59
Sounds and language pack3jerebat2006-03-06 10:28:44
DEL key not working3dicks2006-03-02 12:45:41
SmartFTP crashing while listing folder with >60000 files23Opuz Klass2006-02-28 23:36:42
Ampersands (&'s) in favorite desctiptions are not displayed correctly by tooltip popups1dragon6952006-02-28 02:36:24
Smartftp does not reuse existing connection8fbat2006-02-28 00:31:43
Copy URL -> HTTP Bug6Raimund2006-02-27 09:28:12
Update downloads x86 not x642Olate2006-02-20 16:38:38
change protocol don't work2bodo08152006-02-17 21:35:45
Quick transfer settings don't stick4scanman202006-02-17 14:14:29
Drag and drop from local to remote folder11LupercusBD2006-02-17 02:20:03
Log Control Color Settings5jolt2006-02-16 18:58:24
Global Queue problem2Enterprise2006-02-11 09:43:18
Problems selecting files for upload4BKahuna2006-02-10 21:29:02
Events sound3markco2006-02-09 16:58:35
Transfer Queue12otrov2006-02-09 15:26:43
Auto Layout5blblbl2006-02-08 15:59:07
Navigation by keystroke3ChaosTangent2006-02-08 09:42:51
Directory viewing problems2DancingWind2006-02-06 16:07:38
SmartFTP Client 2.0 - Transfer Queue Problem7adpoliak2006-02-03 08:49:07
Exporting favorites incorrectly complains that file does not exist4dcorban2006-02-02 19:45:10
A few bugs?1fbat2006-02-01 16:11:45
Log Pane in Auto Hide4MentholMoose2006-02-01 14:04:04
Global Queue Problem9rockzero2006-01-30 08:14:09
SmartFTP with High Contrast color scheme2tksuoran2006-01-28 10:30:33
Latest Build Hangs on Network Drives3Veloxi2006-01-27 16:49:55
Connection problems via proxy (Webwasher)6bluemoon2006-01-27 10:28:03
Change queued user/pass is broken and is also showing password in plaintext.4dcorban2006-01-27 06:05:15
chmod does not update server view2Tropics2006-01-26 23:34:35
ERROR: C:\System Volume Information is not accessible4vma2006-01-26 20:50:06
Save Passwords Bug9craig5522006-01-26 16:50:23
Build v2.0.99313patrickong2006-01-26 13:38:21
Proxy User Name Not Remembered3primortal2006-01-25 14:59:47
Runtime Error on invoking from commandline8SNap2006-01-24 13:20:56
Cosmetic bug: Overlapping controls in migration Import dialog2larscs2006-01-23 20:07:03
Runtime Error!6D-Kalck2006-01-23 11:29:40
List Fails to display contents on z/VM 5.110rryjew2006-01-18 16:09:06
Upload to "drop box" does not work2scoobysnax992006-01-16 11:24:08
Smart FTP with Win XP643iceman20582006-01-12 13:04:19
custom command problem again... :-x3Stami2006-01-10 19:31:32
Login name2rockzero2005-12-31 03:22:39
Multibyte multi problems1z3n2005-12-26 04:21:12
Runtime Error R60022STL052005-12-21 18:08:14
View not working in latest load8Granny2005-12-19 23:08:10
Custom Commands broken9Stami2005-12-14 14:54:27
Remote folder creation1GAG2005-12-14 09:12:11
Runtime Error!6x10242005-12-12 09:17:17
Important bug window resize5nolovelust2005-12-07 05:23:06
SmartFTP Client 2.0 Beta - Bugs39dj022005-12-06 13:03:09
Global queue no longer works after upgrading3podzone2005-12-05 02:36:46
550 : No Such File Or Directory2zoti2005-12-04 16:31:35
bug with build 990 and clara.net2fcrammond2005-12-04 00:03:24
Filename capitalize behaves oddly5ajacobs2005-12-01 08:54:28
"pressing down" or "moving down" in list6Matthew Doucette2005-11-30 00:21:13
Length of supported FTP names3dehost2005-11-28 02:38:45
drag drop upload from external explorer window9phazei2005-11-26 04:40:23
failed to create sfFTPlib::FTPconnection. hr=%x4aLiEnTxC2005-11-25 14:26:31
v1.5.991.17 - Unix Download problem2D-Kalck2005-11-22 22:49:36
When out of space on destination drive abort does not work2twistypigeon2005-11-22 14:42:41
SmartFTP Client 2.5 Known Bugs1mb2005-11-21 21:33:49
Runtime error: client crashes when Global Q finishes8Kukac2005-11-19 19:23:12
WinGate Proxy & FTP Server not on Port 21 fails to conne3chriskennedy2005-11-16 21:58:59
Crash When Creating Folder On Hard Drive7fbat2005-11-16 20:22:32
Keyboard shortcuts not working + URL Watcher2Opuz Klass2005-11-14 14:58:49
Menu cannot display correctly when I using Language DLL5fzjd2005-11-11 07:01:08
v1.5.991.12 - Refresh Button don't work2D-Kalck2005-11-07 13:13:54
SmartFTP crash when creating new folder on C:\3U.N.C.L.E.2005-11-05 17:24:07
SmartFTP 1.5.991.10 (1.6) Crashdown2dj022005-11-05 00:11:02
Double "/" in absolute path ignored by SmartFTP2martinquested2005-10-28 14:37:50
Auto Dial does not work3comweb2005-10-22 04:33:50
Default download folder forgotten, always points to My Docs3Kukac2005-10-17 22:18:00
Folder is not displayed in list4dfimble2005-10-15 16:10:05
Saving over network brings erroneous path [Severe!]2thetenguse2005-10-14 11:58:29
Another OpenVMS issue2theinoz2005-10-14 10:43:52
Minimizing size in column...2thetenguse2005-10-12 23:25:37
Deleting file from local folder does not update view2dicks2005-10-11 15:17:33
SmartFTP constructs invalid absolute path with some servers9joachim2005-10-03 22:06:44
Window state and column ordering (on connect)2Dodger2005-09-30 19:50:25
Time/date display inconsistent10kylotan2005-09-26 19:04:54
v1.5.990 - no such file or directory8mogwai2005-09-11 22:01:55
Cannot rename folder & other minor problem1U.N.C.L.E.2005-09-07 17:55:29
Cannot add addon2asharkis2005-09-07 10:36:33
upload - cpu usage5bmxsteffen2005-09-07 00:17:25
Transfers menu bug1neelix052005-09-06 04:53:36
Uploading Folder in SmartFTP 1.5.9903shortmatt2005-08-29 19:17:24
"Waiting for remote hash" freezeup5Radish2005-08-27 08:39:51
build 990 crashes on opening local browser9salama2005-08-25 20:14:45
build 990 bombs2salama2005-08-25 16:46:03
Crash in UNICOWS.DLL on exit in Windows ME3Rainbow2005-08-25 12:58:50
Backup Manager Bug?8MikeN2005-08-24 20:32:31
New Install of v1.5, Unable to get past login of ftp server5btmlinesoft2005-08-19 22:32:54
Problems with Windows XP x64 Professional Edition7execom_rt2005-08-18 22:37:04
Global queue not working if links pasted from other programs9hicham2005-08-17 13:34:49
XCRC and XMD5 commands detection bug3superbonbon2005-08-17 10:41:40
About "On Queue Complete -> Close Application"3Kukac2005-08-15 13:13:17
Unable to ascend into directories containing Unicode chars2rgould2005-08-11 19:22:51
Clear Control Channel not working correctly?19polivia2005-08-11 14:50:53
Cannot view remote folder contents?2Mathachew2005-08-11 02:16:34
smartfp.exe not removed from process list3suoperduper2005-08-09 07:53:44
bug in folder rename5suoperduper2005-08-09 07:25:33
can not download files containing "::" in the name5suoperduper2005-08-07 14:15:39
Firefox bug: Cannot copy and paste URL5kennethy2005-08-07 10:22:46
KBps/Thread speed limit not working8azhad2005-08-03 05:23:46
bug when i rename folders2int2005-07-27 12:59:03
Download As Option not working3nairpr2005-07-23 13:24:51
[BUG] Issue with the NAT traversal, in newest build9jeremie@lumbroso.fr2005-07-19 17:43:01
Changing Directory -> Files not found3radioking2005-07-17 23:17:42
Data connection accepted from error:error; transfer starting4coolnicks2005-07-17 21:16:47
SOCKS4/PuTTY - Small file upload "Transfer failed."8legume2005-07-15 22:04:38
file uploaded via SSL is truncated7Manski2005-07-10 21:12:59
SIZE command not returning correct value from server3coren2005-07-09 06:20:42
re:serious ftp error condition13aboulay2005-07-08 12:09:40
Annoying issues with SmartFTP 1.5 Build 98810STUDIODM2005-07-07 09:16:11
SmartFTP crashes with NOD32 v.2.50.4soldier992005-07-06 10:10:53
NOD freezing SmartFTP2soldier992005-07-06 10:09:03
Global total d/l limit is not respected after start5Kukac2005-07-04 22:26:08
Remote desktop + SmartFtp10drpele2005-07-04 16:13:38
Cannot download from Global Queue4animal6712005-07-04 08:35:55
SmartFTP adds ./ and ../ folders to the queue4Caleb2005-07-02 10:32:44
Crashing in build 1.5.988.314neelix052005-07-01 19:40:36
Can not resolve IPv6 address6numage2005-07-01 16:45:38
Remote files can not be edited4Peasant2005-07-01 05:13:40
Unable to Eidt Any Files11rashme2005-07-01 02:46:52
Build 988 and dev: directories and files names are truncated3dach2005-06-30 17:08:24
Favorites with only a username3MentholMoose2005-06-29 12:46:29
Connection->Proxy Setting Problem5primortal2005-06-28 18:26:42
Slow parsing of the file list??9RyanG2005-06-27 18:50:29
Editing Timeouts!!! Grr!7jadit22005-06-27 14:13:02
Active mode and misc bugs5Rikis2005-06-25 12:44:42
Build 988 and Dev - Global Queue Retry Delay non functional8ZeroPain2005-06-24 14:15:25
Build 988 Bug - Specify sub folder in favorites property10mweinberger2005-06-24 03:19:52
Can I still drag & drop elements into session queue?4jtsoft2005-06-24 00:53:06
upload>session queue>select files issue?3dueling2005-06-22 19:15:13
Open FTP crash/error7jelmervos2005-06-21 19:56:27
Major Queue bug in latest 1.5.988.20 (even dev. edition)3RoChess2005-06-20 22:28:34
Bug After Customizing the Current Toolbar Button2josephsieh2005-06-20 18:29:08
Ignore Language File Viersion3konic2005-06-20 15:22:44
Windows XP without any SP - Unable to Run Problems25ScottWarner2005-06-20 14:18:57
SmartFTP 1.5.988.18 Transfer problems and temporarully fix2dj022005-06-18 15:39:09
Downloading text file bug2colinrotherham2005-06-16 13:25:14
over limit? - workfile? -memoryarea? number objects? ??12jarnling2005-06-15 09:19:09
SmartFTP won't create empty folder locally3sobel2005-06-14 11:13:34
Problem with Alt+Tab3sobel2005-06-14 10:36:54
SmartFTP 1.5.988.14 Transfer problems8dj022005-06-13 10:02:52
BUG: 1.2.988.9 - file Date displays are wrong (backwards)10Ashlyn2005-06-07 21:03:44
SmartFTP 1.2.988.7 Info: URL and Login & Password promt4dj022005-06-05 17:34:18
Keyboard shortcuts not working2Opuz Klass2005-06-04 18:15:11
XCRC: Serv-U comparison error2gus2005-06-03 07:31:57
global query / view protocol4dawart2005-06-02 14:22:25
Directory listing does not work on many servers with 1.2.9885Rainbow2005-05-30 15:26:12
SSL fallback bug in 1.2.988.15Rainbow2005-05-29 22:43:12
Windows XP Pro x647Mr.Evo2005-05-27 22:03:12
Sorting By Date on Remote Connection2Mathachew2005-05-25 14:49:54
SmartFTP ver 1.2.987.15 crashes when uploading edited file3Gryphon2005-05-18 02:01:50
Right click connection tab, located far left3Gryphon2005-05-17 18:40:04
Auto arrange setting lost when maximizing an MDI window3matax2005-05-14 08:26:31
Certificate chains and the verification thereof6proffe2005-05-03 14:32:17
Login not understood3ulybka2005-05-01 09:11:16
Unable to resolve any host names.2JonA2005-04-30 16:32:34
Global Queue SSL Bug :(2LordX2005-04-26 23:51:39
Import from ws-ftp lost all passwords2edwin2005-04-07 11:27:49
Settings>Connection>SSL hangs with smartcard certifica3Coder2005-04-06 19:07:15
Oops...wrong server detected!2Cyber Dog2005-04-05 00:03:38
SSL in Global Queue broken in lates release13starsheep2005-03-29 21:38:32
global queue download creates undeletable folder2Tropics2005-03-21 23:37:49
Icon of the file is an folder image during upload6CheetahShrk2005-03-21 23:06:46
Invalid reported session queue size when moving items up &am2Avenger18122005-03-18 11:06:22
NAV 2005 + SmartFTP4onicon2005-03-11 20:44:54
Queue problem with big files3z3n2005-03-09 11:28:38
Bug found1bvstone2005-02-27 19:18:29
Drag / Drop file to desktop defaults to top left of screen3webmasta2005-02-26 19:49:41
Tray icon not being removed1bunghole2005-02-24 17:42:49
BUG: Sorting by Date Modified4DSearles2005-02-24 17:16:05
File size (Local Browser)4beck2005-02-20 19:49:49
Window > Auto Arrange flips pane with focus2MonocularJack2005-02-19 21:47:07
Unable to download without LIST.4Krazywest2005-02-16 14:49:25
Error in ASCII/Binary-Download2u4s2005-02-15 11:29:24
General -> History6xao_daou2005-02-10 17:22:51
Overwrite file validation bypass3ZeroExistenZ2005-01-28 10:01:11
Changing to HFS on a z/OS system doesn't work2hansiperlero2005-01-27 15:29:06
weird directory listings on ftp to HP Printers7Glutnix2005-01-20 02:20:46
Edit Mode File Upload Bug3DeathMaster2005-01-12 07:53:10
Recursive listing not displaying any items (LIST -aLR)4Krazywest2005-01-11 16:38:24
incorrect year display in remote window3mr slim2005-01-01 01:46:40
data folder in chinese name folder2mchong2004-12-16 04:02:39
on file resume in global queue3JH2004-12-10 15:10:17
CHMOD on filesnames with spaces4gijoke2004-12-09 10:17:32
keep file time on upload problem12utku2004-11-28 22:47:44
Steganos Internet Anonym 7 and SmartFTP4immortal2004-11-21 19:31:07
100% CPU Usage and very slow upload speeds12redchurch2004-11-19 20:08:13
Bug when creating dirs from the Global Queue3FoP2004-11-12 17:01:34
Reinstall every week5joshg6782004-11-12 04:37:26
SOCKS4 Proxy Crash2CoolSpin2004-11-10 21:40:38
Failling installationprocedure (update) with ver. 1.983.137stengun2004-11-05 22:18:16
Button/Icon Images All Screwed Up7harveyk2004-10-26 21:18:21
Favorites crash bug5jong2004-10-26 01:30:05
Queue scheduling broken ?3nidhogg2004-10-21 06:56:26
"Open With" multiple files selected only opens one3analog_bt2004-10-19 18:47:21
TYPO in "Update Check" box2Slinger2004-10-19 03:04:19
Problem mit Lists in Serv-u und h2XeNTo2004-10-16 20:02:47
Is SmartFTP freezing when you connect?57mb2004-10-14 11:41:41
Preserve Case problem2cavallone2004-10-10 12:44:00
Bug in PWD response parsing2LarsR2004-10-09 16:59:30
ftp connect causes program to hang4mikef2004-10-08 18:43:45
Lock up when connecting to server2xinok2004-10-08 00:19:27
Download Queue Timer Error4davetheman2004-10-04 12:31:11
SSL error8JH2004-10-01 01:57:36
Global queue doesn't start when hidden4eyebex2004-09-30 17:41:03
Two minor GUI glitches3eyebex2004-09-30 15:42:04
copy from global queue to queue source2succo2004-09-29 13:16:41
Directory Sizes Ignored3admin2004-09-29 08:58:29
crashing... please acknowledge this5rockstopper2004-09-29 01:58:17
dropdownlist in compressionmode-selection8Ruben2004-09-28 09:30:28
drftpd and fxping7succo2004-09-27 13:51:55
Hopefully this should help someone out regarding SP2 Crashin2Calkhan2004-09-22 22:14:28
Error when use Global Queue to d/l12Enterprise2004-09-22 18:06:55
Problem mit Strato's FTP-Server3pascaluhlmann2004-09-21 21:10:49
Speed limit is ignored.17kingpinX22004-09-21 07:08:55
Bug after Install of Win. SP25Wizazz2004-09-20 23:54:59
Global Queue does not recognize different sites...4skitillz2004-09-17 14:25:52
Crash when connecting16Wiggle2004-09-13 23:41:54
Win98 Exception KERNEL32.DLL - Some Remote Directories only.4Skokian2004-09-13 02:40:45
Custom Command Buffer Overflow2Pixel_K2004-09-11 13:00:08
SP2 Lock up5Pavioni2004-09-07 08:49:23
Status Bar Broken?1Cyber Dog2004-09-05 07:35:57
Windows 98 - KERNEL32.DLL5xpc2004-09-01 03:07:37
KERNEL32.DLL Error3erniemiles2004-09-01 01:40:53
Drag & Drop to Local Folder Bar -- Drop box in Setting4monaco-o2004-08-31 13:00:36
"View" command don't work anymore3Kyle_Katarn2004-08-30 15:50:54
Copy to URL feature doesn't escape spaces4eyebex2004-08-30 08:33:04
a bug in global queue3doodle2004-08-27 19:50:08
CRASH: Click on "favorites"3TobWen2004-08-19 05:48:25
Selection Rectangle Scrolls Too Fast1lightningstalker2004-08-15 08:07:16
Drag & Drop "Bug" in the Global Queue4lightningstalker2004-08-15 08:03:11
Export favorites to txt file error i passwords2Erroneuz2004-08-02 20:57:20
Unable to download files with a "-" in the file na5zshao2004-08-02 20:11:40
php extra returns3neque2004-08-02 14:18:45
BUG: format:"size date time name" not supported6Borg Number One2004-07-31 13:17:38
Won't even let me begin installation3Goffey2004-07-29 13:32:18
Unable to update Windows Installer Failed to load msi.dll5Christopher James Rodgers2004-07-20 09:49:17
unicows.dll missing2aaron111932004-07-16 01:06:04
Custom Command typo1eyebex2004-07-13 06:47:25
IE6 address bar reset2swdave2004-07-12 16:40:45
Adding numerous files to the Global Queue3brian5952004-07-09 09:25:48
Problem with global queue. Skip files sometimes3pooky2004-07-07 17:41:41
Unregistered: '558 days in use' bug3BlackHC2004-07-06 12:55:14
"Select Details" Doesn't Work in Local Browser4inrig2004-07-06 03:07:07
URL Watcher + Mozilla Firefox7Sphere2004-07-01 16:27:08
Direct upload doesn't find files1ThierryH2004-06-27 16:46:24
REST & RETR Error3cerda2004-06-26 21:59:35
date wrong2lgh012004-06-24 06:52:58
1. Another Drag-and-Drop Bug / 2. an error2Ruben2004-06-21 08:23:28
Just upgraded; keeps telling me I haven't4heliotrope2004-06-20 21:12:27
change password1yllai2004-06-18 02:53:49
Customize Toolbar - Tooltip offset bug.2AMQ2004-06-15 14:44:43
Bug in Drag / Drop from explorer to remote SmartFTP Window ?10Kyle_Katarn2004-06-14 22:55:05
Bug in the install file?5srm862004-06-14 02:20:17
SSL flaw?2pjo2004-06-09 19:20:59
Installing to wrong partition3alistairgd2004-06-07 20:56:18
4GB large file -- deleted on completion, and restarts1mysticknight2004-06-06 11:23:31
Uploading into a Dir --> Screws up1Forumposter2004-06-06 10:34:03
Global Queue: FXP fails when 'file not found' on first item4rpertusio2004-06-02 15:29:36
AES Support6Stami2004-06-01 16:51:16
Possible flaw in FTP-log control3Zelgadis2004-05-29 12:22:17
Drag / Drop from SmartFTP to Desktop = new folder SFTDrop8softlion2004-05-26 07:16:30
Moving files in global que2trinidon2k2004-05-25 23:35:43
Folder Changing Bug1Gnome_1012004-05-25 13:27:36
bug adding dirs from queue source1succo2004-05-24 09:27:40
Can't add FXP folders to queue2Caleb2004-05-21 17:51:36
No files listed in directory listing4erik_bies2004-05-19 09:13:43
Favourites: Right click and copy, then paste does nothing1ToMMY2ooo2004-05-18 12:24:24
still can not connect to the server (1.0.981.37)1zhuherbs2004-05-18 10:34:05
Exclusion filters not working?5Caleb2004-05-15 13:12:12
Developer Build: Add To Favorites saves port as 03U.N.C.L.E.2004-05-12 16:42:11
Unicode directory name (Russian) garbled.2dblock2004-05-09 01:33:10
Copy URL for HTTP should encode URL2zephyrjs2004-05-07 19:11:45
Global queue problems5succo2004-05-05 09:07:26
Changing the location of your data file path3ToMMY2ooo2004-05-05 07:57:24
Destination Disk Full (but not really)10syplex2004-05-03 17:29:11
Dev. build 981.45: URL watcher malfunction.2U.N.C.L.E.2004-04-29 07:32:22
latest dev build does not download directories15Stami2004-04-26 21:26:49
Bug in latest dev w/ site specific queue-threads6EgotisticalElf2004-04-24 18:46:31
Smart FTP Freezes up1allenjgoldstein2004-04-24 14:37:03
Local Browser Problem in Build 98110Kravvitz2004-04-22 01:49:40
Bug in 'On Queue Complete'3Syndicate2004-04-15 23:42:28
Deleted file causes folder download to fail2mwhitlock2004-04-14 21:52:11
Directory problem ...14Syndicate2004-04-13 13:34:05
Shows Double Directory3Mr-Fly2004-04-08 16:41:37
conversion of filename extensions (VMS)5theinoz2004-04-02 10:07:35
case sensitivity problem2podomobo2004-04-01 13:24:58
Often visited remote folders dissapear3squashee2004-03-31 15:08:06
Escaped spaces in last component of URL are not unescaped3hanu2004-03-31 00:11:05
Minor bug - upload command does nothing4robertk2004-03-29 14:53:02
Dual monitor bug2RRI2004-03-28 01:03:03
A small problem with GUI2sobel2004-03-27 12:56:08
(T)ools - (S)ettings - (A)scii/Binary - broken?3klundberg2004-03-25 17:43:51
crashed after update to newest build2morgzm2004-03-24 18:18:34
priority list issue?4succo2004-03-21 16:57:57
Missing files when uploading directories26jmstacey2004-03-20 06:49:38
[FIXED] Preserve case option doesn't work16Motte2004-03-16 19:00:35
problem with installation.5Guy2004-03-16 08:24:18
Repeating Global Queue Downloads3John Liebson2004-03-12 14:07:53
SmartFTP startup with URL in copy buffer3U.N.C.L.E.2004-03-12 07:42:12
Menu and Icon Hidden !!!!3dmoniac2004-03-11 08:31:06
latest dev. build - LIST -R flaws the display2mig2004-03-09 09:11:26
Huge files report wrong size.3thetenguse2004-03-05 13:10:58
Application HANG on Folder Views2dsimoes2004-03-05 01:59:24
Some lables in the Settings have a background..2Caleb2004-03-04 15:48:06
Crash with Dev build, now nothing will work, Please help2keith.marshll2004-03-03 23:52:30
Global Queue causing Runtime Error5Vaevictis6662004-02-24 22:03:16
exception error5none2004-02-24 18:44:15
SmartFTP goes 100% CPU in csrss.exe6moxxito2004-02-20 17:34:34
Local browser says always 0 bytes selected2marteltor2004-02-19 21:48:22
Minor bug in single instance feature1Caleb2004-02-19 21:15:55
some small gui bugs:3darix2004-02-17 18:51:34
ResEng.dll Strangeness2esaleris2004-02-17 08:07:52
SSL FTP via HTTP proxy2abit2004-02-13 16:59:37
Uploading Folders hickup.6thetenguse2004-02-13 15:24:23
server directories bug in 9806wkitty422004-02-12 01:08:19
Persistent error when I try to connect. What can I do?2danny772004-01-28 00:56:58
Crash on right Mouse Drag and Drop8busseym2004-01-27 20:44:43
Small grammar error3Vjaces2004-01-26 12:58:50
Sorting by Type2XNeo2004-01-21 17:29:42
CHMOD 2755 viewed as 27452-=ET=-2004-01-14 00:02:17
On file exist - Skip doesn't work 100%2Erroneuz2004-01-10 21:25:39
problem with LIST command on OpenVMS-server5theinoz2004-01-08 23:06:36
Blank Tabs on the taskbar3timfrost2004-01-06 21:05:56
Global queue sits in Retry mode1imtrobin2003-12-30 17:44:05
Permanent error on closing SmartFTP3Bestiol2003-12-29 22:25:14
No overwrite warning1ppk2003-12-27 15:43:59
I got an error I never had before very strange one3jer2eydevil882003-11-18 12:16:30
Secure connection7wecksell2003-11-13 11:07:43
Year displayed incorrectly in remote window8mr slim2003-11-04 02:51:55
AS/400 Date Displays wrong month2bvstone2003-10-30 23:41:41
Newest build: crash on global queue8succo2003-10-29 20:22:17
Bottom view and font size 72Legoguy2003-10-22 21:13:20
Exclusion filters not working11JMM2003-10-14 21:33:11
Closing IE Triggers Clipboard Monitor2neocryptek2003-10-11 22:23:13
Exporting private key5jbennard2003-10-09 21:50:26
Transfer Mode Settings2rwap2003-10-05 15:29:29
Scrolling with grid enabled2aoLhaTer2003-09-28 04:11:49
WS_FTP > Site List Importing15grasshopper2003-09-27 20:49:29
Non-SSL/TLS connection via proxy8milka342003-09-26 14:44:49
"Default Transfer Type"2pholzmann2003-09-24 23:47:54
Imlicit SSL via the favorite menu and Global Queue5vipwolf2003-09-23 09:19:16
Auto port mode11succo2003-09-14 09:38:27
A crash is occuring on Win2k35destrkta2003-09-03 10:24:42
FTP/SSL in Active Mode connections6mantovani2003-08-26 17:59:30
FXP problems between ipv4 <-> ipv62darix2003-08-25 18:48:55
Global Queue > Select Folder3vrapp2003-08-16 02:47:06
IPv6 preference for Favorites sites6Symbol2003-08-07 20:46:58
SmartFTP Client 1.x - Known Issues1Louie2003-07-25 10:13:19
Dial-up Connection selection not remembered3UV2003-07-24 20:53:29
Setting Statistics LineSpeed to 0 will crash SmartFTP3Tom Sommer2003-07-23 17:34:13
Error resolving host4loqui2003-07-17 15:44:28
Global Queue is crashing24maxbear2003-07-14 12:27:59
Importing > Total Commander3Fortosse2003-07-13 11:35:32
SmartFTP and z/OS5Sgibelli2003-07-11 06:51:27
URL encoding issue13lupin20002003-07-11 00:02:55