Sorting columns

If you'll sort a column in detail-view of any folder, first of all it's sorting the opposite of that.

If you'll sort the name-column ascending by clicking on "Name", the column is being sorted descending. Another click on "Name", nothing is happend (because it's almost sorted descending). A third click on "Name" it will be sorted by the right direction: ascending.

If someone don't understand this bug, ask again - i can't communicate on english so well, sry


I don't really understand what you mean, therefore I'm unable to reproduce the problem.

Please try again it with the latest version from

If you still experience the same problem please provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce it.

Thank you.


I have experienced this same issue. Here are steps to reproduce:

1. Browse to a folder with several files in it (it might help if there are > 50 files)
2. Click on a column header other than name, such as "size"
3. Click on the "Name" column header.

Notice now that the sort-order arrow indicates ascending order, but the files are listed in descending order. Clicking on name a second time corrects the sort-order arrow and the files are still sorted in descending order. Click on name a third time, and everything is correct.

I have tried this with SmartFTP 2.0 Build 996 revision 28.

Hope this helps,


>I have tried this with SmartFTP 2.0 Build 996 revision 28.

I'm sorry but the newest is v2.0 Build 996.36


Sorry. I'm unable to reproduce the problem you described.


Additional info to reproduce:

Make sure "name" is in ascending order.
Click on "size" column and sort in descending order.
Click back on "name" column.

I can reproduce everytime, even with latest build.


Confirmed, I was able to reproduce this is the remote browser (not local browser) in build 2.0.996.36.

Looks good!