The Windows tray icon for SmartFTP

I'm not sure if this is really a true bug, but it's just slightly aggrevating when I have SmartFTP minimized to the tray (I love SmartFTP otherwise ). Most other applications for Windows that minimize to the system tray open on Mouse Up, but the SmartFTP icon opens on the Mouse Down event. I know this seems insignificant, but when this happens, it creates an issue. When I click down on the SmartFTP icon, it opens instantly, so that when I release the mouse button, it ends up making another application open from the tray as well. To avoid this, I usually just click down on the icon, hold the button, move away from the tray and release, but this seems like an easy fix that would uncomplicate things. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this (or has noticed or even cares), but if this could be corrected in the next release, that would be great!! I will continue to use SmartFTP otherwise, I was just hoping this could be improved upon.

Thanks for looking into this.

Thank you for posting.

Changed as requested. Change will be available in next update.


Wow! Thanks alot for the fast reply and taking care of this minor issue.