TortoiseSVN layer icons on files and folders disappaer in SmartFTP


I use SmartFTP v2.0.1200 on Windows XP SP2 and Tortoise SVN
Sometimes when I start SmartFTP the layer icons on files and folders are disappaered on some SVN directories, refreshing don't help.
Sometimes everything is OK, but not always

As in the screenshot you can see the folders on top don't have svn icons but the icons on my other drive everything is OK

The bug came up since using SmartFTP v2.0.1000

Hi, SmartFTP 2.0 is not longer supported, update to the last 2.5 build from my signature and test if the bug is gone.

The bug is not gone, but it's possible a TortoiseSVN bug (
the only difference with the TortoiseSVN bug is that it affects Windows explorer (and that is not in my case)
but the solution (restart TSVNCache.exe) works.