SSL connection is not interrupted after clicking NO in the Verify Certificate Dialog Box


I found a bug in SmartFTP Client 2.5.1008:

When I am visiting a FTPS Server (FTP over SSL Explicit) and the certificate fails the validation, I get the "Verify Certificate" Dialog Box.
Now it makes no difference whatever I select. Clicking on yes and no have the same result:

SmartFTP is connecting to the server.

This should no happen when clicking on no.

Hello ...

Thank you for your bug report. I have found and fixed the bug. Patch will be available in the next build.

I will post here as soon as it's available.



ok, thanks, it works now.

Regards, Artem

Thanks for getting back to us. Did you have a chance to look at the other post regarding the cert verification?



no, sorry, lets see if I have some time to morrow, so I can run some more test.
I will write you as soon as I have more results.

Regards, Artem