Filename Column automaticaly gets very small

Now two days go I downloaded the latest version of SmartFTP, but instead of helping me it's drives me crazy because the window with the server files it's resizing the width of the name column, nowit's realy realy small, no mater what I do , after I copy a file on the server the window get's smaler again


Any ideea what I should do ?

10x in advance.

Hello ..

1. Install the latest version from

2. post your system information from the Menu: Help: About


+- System -----------------------------
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

CPU Speed : 1760 MHz
Total Memory : 1572336 KB
Free Memory : 656112 KB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------
Version : 2.0.997.4
Time Stamp : 2006-07-27 03:40:58
Platform : x86

+- Application DLL --------------------
sfFTPLib.dll :
SmartHook.dll :

+- Language ---------------------------
SmartFTP.exe : 2.0.997.4

+- System DLL -------------------------
shell32.dll : 6.00.2900.2951 (xpsp_sp2_gdr.060713-0009)
shlwapi.dll : 6.00.2900.2937 (xpsp_sp2_gdr.060623-0002)
comctl32.dll : 6.0 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)
riched20.dll :
schannel.dll : 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

+- Internet Explorer ------------------
Version : 6.0.2900.2180

+- Winsock ----------------------------
Winsock : 2.2

the problem ocurs only since I instgalled the latest version

And another thing which I wanted to tell since long time ago, THE FILETYPE COLUMN IS WAY TO BIG, it will be better if the filetype will be displayed just with extension not the whole text, for exemple, the ppt filetype is dispalyed as Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation ..this is not realy wise

10x for your patience