Change queued user/pass is broken and is also showing password in plaintext.

This, in my opinion, is a major bug. I have a clean install of of 2.0.993.13.

I often connect to a server using a "look" account. I then add items to the global queue and change the user/pass in the queued item to the normal downloading account. This has worked perfectly through many 1.x versions. It no longer works. I am able to enter in the new user/pass and it shows the new, correct account info in the dialog. However, once I start the global queue downloading, it continues to use the old "look" account info.

Related to this, I noticed in the dialog where you can change the user/pass of an item in the global queue, the password is in plain text. It seems really odd to have the password editbox be all * while the password is easily read a few lines above.

It's fixed in version 2.0.994.8 but.....
it changes the user/pass permanently
for that account so the next time u
try to connect using that favorite
it will use the new user/pass that
you changed it to in the que.

This isn't as good as being able to
temporarily change it for the files in the
que like in previous 1.5 builds.
Please fix it to the way it was

Hello ...

Here is the solution for you:
- Download the latest version from:
- Create 2 favorites. Let's call them Favorite-Look and Favorite-Download. Each one with a different account.
- Connect to the Favorite-Look
- Queue the items you want to transfer (e.g. download)
- Go to the Transfer Queue, select all items for which you want to change the account/favorite. Right-click on the selection. In the context menu go to Remote and select the "Favorite-Download" favorite.

Please purchase a license before you make any further postings.
Thank you.