Global queue problems


2004-05-05 09:07:26

something is wrong with global queue...
just 2 notes
1) the queue log disappears on queue error (it didn't before, so i could see what a kind of error it was)
2) sending to global queue from right panel (file panel) all goes right, but when sending to global queue from left panel (folder panel) the files are downloaded without the upper directory
thanks for the good program, bye


2004-05-05 13:25:39

You should follow the rules when you report a bug or noone can help you.

And yes, that's the problem I discovered but is apparently not existing...:?



2004-05-05 20:21:09

i see it's the same problem, but i didn't follow the discussion about your problem, so thought it was a different one (as you said it didn't download directories i thought it didn't download ANY dir in your case)
anyway, i posted because there were 2 notations and the other one is the one i care much (i like to know what's happening in the queue)
anyway, sorry for the double post... but now you know you are not alone with your problem


2004-05-06 01:06:32

Regarding your 2nd problem, I really can't reproduce the problem with the latest developer build.

Can anyone provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce it? You can also use one of the AVI capture applications listed in the Readme of the bugreport forum.



2004-05-07 17:12:13

Hmm, as I already said and Succo did.

If you send the directory from the left side to the Global Queue it downloads only the files within.

If you send the directory from the right side to the Global Queue it downloads the directory and puts the files into the newly downloaded directory...

Sorry, but that's it nothing more...