button Upload dont works

Button Upload (which in the centre) does not work in new beta versions

Hello ...

Bug confirmed and fixed. The bugfix will be available in the next public build.


currently the only version of SmartFTP available for download is the beta version. I tried both the beta download and the production download and they both have the same version as the beta.

Hence there is no working version available. I would appreciate it if i could get the previous version back. I did not backup my install package when i downloaded as i assumed that i could always go back to the production version.

if that is not possible, could you give us an idea of when the fix would be available.

Thanks for such a great product

Chuck H.

Hello ..

The bug is considered minor. You can use drag&drop in the meanwhile.


I have installed the latest version (2.5.1006.33) and this issue still exists for me.
I cannot see a version .6 as you mention.
Please advise.

Please provide a movie showing the problem. See the bugreport forum readme.


Information has been gathered, and vid made.
Where do I send it?

Hello ..

You can send it to sales at smartftp dot com or any other of our email addresses.

Thank you.