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2005-02-10 17:22:51

The History-list with the Hosts can't erased. When I click of "empty" and start the SmaryFTP again, the list restored self?!

Who can I erase all Host-adress with Password ??

Thank you for helping


2005-02-11 08:37:23

Hi, you must have save history enabled and delete the item for that.


2005-02-11 10:07:59

But it's not erased.


2005-02-11 10:49:38

Try updating to the last development build, i can tell you with 1.1.984.11 it works.


2005-11-08 01:22:11

I think i am too facing the same problem with version 1.5.990.26

I unchecked save history and save password. When i click empty they cleared off, but when i restart SMARTFTP, they all appear again.

Admit it, it has a problem.


2005-11-08 01:24:02

You must have save history to save the changes to history.