LIST -aL command NOT compatible w/ Connect:Enterprise Mailbox (Sterling Commerce)

This is causing some of our Customers (and Yours) problems when trying to extract files.
Please notify EFTSupport@infousa when and if a fix will be in place.

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From: Berry, David []
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 3:46 PM
To: Smith, Ron
Subject: Sterling Commerce Case #4597415.00000


There is a problem wit SmartFTP 2.0.997. It sends a LIST -aL command for a list of files but the -aL part is considered as the batchID so Enterprise tries to find a batchID of -aL. See my trace below. This is not something we can support as it would disrupt the way a LIST command works for Enterprise.

/ftpd-src/ftpcmd.y:1770: 08/16/06-15:30:35 getline: received
command <LIST -aL
../ftpd-src/ftpcmd.y:1897: 08/16/06-15:30:35 command(12578): LIST

cmusock.c:164: 08/16/06-15:30:35 Successfully closed Socket = 5
cmusock.c:213: 08/16/06-15:30:35 CMUConnectSocket: myaddr =
cmusock.c:217: 08/16/06-15:30:35 CMUConnectSocket: sockaddr = Socket = 5
../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:2926: 08/16/06-15:30:35 FTPD: retrieve()
invoked, cmd=/bin/ls, args=-lgA %s, name=-aL
../ftpd-src/cmuftpm.c:1571: 08/16/06-15:30:35
pParmsCtlBlock->sCommand=3, name=-aL
../ftpd-src/cmuftpm.c:1663: 08/16/06-15:30:35 $$ command=DIR,
../ftpd-src/cmuftpm.c:1303: 08/16/06-15:30:35 ####MailboxPath=-aL
../ftpd-src/cmuftpm.c:1699: 08/16/06-15:30:35 new_name = $$id=siteb
bid="-aL" .

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Hello ..

This is not a bug. It's just a configuration option in SmartFTP.

Menu: Tools->Settings->Transfer and in this dialog disable the "Show All Files -a" and "Resolve Symbolic Links -L" options.

If you connect through a favorite item, change the same options in the favorite item setting:
Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. Then locate your favorite item. E.g. look in the "Quick Connect" folder.
Then right-click on the favorite item, choose "Properties" from the context menu. Go to the Transfer dialog.

Please provide your license key for technical support.