SmartFTP doesn't starts under AppLocale

My home PC's OS is MS Windows XP with Russian locale. When I try to see directories on some FTPs, where filenames as I know should be on EUC or ShiftJIS - this filenames SmartFTP doesn't displays properly. It looks like europian accented characters.
So, when I try to run SmartFTP under Microsoft AppLocale with temporarily changed locale to japanese (日本語) - it doesn't starts! Displays "start block" with text that it is SmartFTP and so on... And - nothing. This box may displays for hours...

May be, it is piracy protection? Then - okay, I will use another FTP clients instead of SmartFTP.

PS. Sorry for my English...

1. Install the latest version of SmartFTP from
2. Please post a screenshot of the problem.
3. Post the "System Information" found in the Menu: Help->About "System Information" dialog.