New Install of v1.5, Unable to get past login of ftp server

Was a user of earlier version but that was lost when HD had to be reformatted. Downloaded new client today, installed and have been encountering difficulties every since.

Below is the extent of my information. xxxxxx indicates information changed to protect the not so innocent.

Connecting with XP pro sp2 using win firewall. Have tried connecting with it disabled, same results note.

ISP support can connect using earlier version of smart ftp, same login/pw.

Have spent past hour on support site looking for clues, nothing jumping out at me.

SmartFTP v1.5.989.4
Resolving host name ""
Connecting to Port: 21
Connected to
220- xxxxxx FTP SERVER WAR-FTPD 1.65 Ready
220 Please enter your user name.
USER xxxxxxx
331 User name okay, Need password.
PASS (hidden)
230 User logged in, proceed.
215 UNIX Type: L8
500 Syntax error, Command not recognized.
200 Type is Image (Binary)
501 Required byte offset parameter bad or missing
257 "F:INETPUBxxxxxxxxxxx.comwww" is current directory.
CWD /F:INETPUBxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.comwww
501 Permission denied.

What would be the correct CWD command?
CWD F:INETPUBxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.comwww

BTW: Running an almost 10 year old FTP server software (WAR-FTPD 1.65) with numerous known problems on a server in the year 2005 is probably not the best choice.



Thanks for the prompt response!

Not quite sure where to go from here with your response. All lines that I posted were automatically generated. Where do I edit that particular line? I reviewed the custom commands but none seem to be an obvious choice.

BTW, my web designer posted back that she also has the same problem using a software by the name of Filezilla. Her workaround is to use her HTML editor which has an FTP plug in.

I'll forward your comments to the ISP in charge of the site. Perhaps this will shame them into changing it.


I'm experiencing the same problem on a server. Unfortunately, the server is not managed by us so we're unable to upgrade their FTP server software.

Are there plans to fix this bug?


popularclub: Please download and install the latest version of SmartFTP from
and try again. If you still have problems please post the log of your FTP session.

Thank you,