Problem with saving port number in latest beta

The problem started with the 1004 beta, this only appears to happen with ftp over ssl.
In an existing favorite if I try to change the port it reverts back to the original port.
Also when editing the filters, the port number was changed back to 21.
When just opening the properties of certain favorites the port shows 21 even if it's not in the xml file.

I overcome this by editting the xml favorite directly.

Hello ..

I'm unable to reproduce it. This is what I did:
1. Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
2. Rigth click on any favorite item
3. Change the port. Click OK
4. Change the protocol and the port at the same time
5. Do steps 3,4 a couple of times.

In all cases the update was correct.

How can you reproduce it?


Ok, this is strange.
It happens only on one of my 'ftp over ssl explicit' favorites, I thought it was happening on both.
But it happens every time the properties dialog is opened.
I'll just recreate the favorite, it's probably just something messed up in the .xml file.

It's happening on a new favorite too.
- new favorite
- give it a name
- ftp over ssl explicit
- ip address for host
- port 35000
- set timezone to gmt (dublin)
- click ok
and the favorite is created with port set to 21

Thanks. Found and fixed. Fix will be available in next Beta build.